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Financial Concerns

Bachand & Bachand, P.A. has represented family law clients in Brevard County for over twenty years. The Brevard County, Florida family law attorneys at Bachand & Bachand, P.A. thoroughly understand the complexities of calculating child support, alimony, property division, percentages of retirement and/or investments. Bachand & Bachand, P.A. and its staff are prepared to do the preparation necessary to find all assets of the marriage even in situations where the opposing party has attempted to conceal them from our client. Financial knowledge is important to your case whether you be the person seeking financial support or the party from whom support is sought. It is necessary to have an understanding of reasonable expenses, tax calculations, payroll cycles, bonus structures, retirement plans and related accounts so as to properly calculate the amount of support the Court should order. Without experienced representation from a Brevard County family law attorney trained in handling family law matters you may not get the financial support you are seeking or may be ordered to pay more than the opposing party deserves.

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